Healthy Meals

Finding a Balance Can Be Hard, but Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be

When you have a busy schedule, it can be hard to fit everything into your day. Skipping meals or running errands instead of taking time for lunch might save time, but it leaves you feeling tired and hungry. Eating Healthier just got easier with fresh-not-frozen Fresh Prep’d meals that are individually portioned & nutritionally balanced.

I’ve Developed Fun & Realistic Methods For Balanced Nutrition

A balanced diet is one that fulfills all of a person’s nutritional needs. A balanced diet provides all the nutrients a person requires, without going over the recommended daily calorie intake. By eating a balanced diet, people can get the nutrients and calories they need and avoid eating junk food, or food without nutritional value.

Fresh Prep’d is fresh-not-frozen individually portioned & nutritionally balanced meals.